Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our God is Always with Us

On occasion I will be posting messages from guest bloggers. The following post is from Robin, you have read about her in my postings, she is my niece by marriage, but in truth she is like the sister I never had. Aside from that, she is my religious mentor and has been my inspiration in putting this blog together.

I appreciate her love and concern for my eternal soul. Please sit back and enjoy her insights below.

Thank you Robin, Love Mike

"I must first admit to all of you how far out of my comfort zone I am. Writing is not one of my gifts. School was not one of my best moments. Let’s just say I thought of it as the place for me to do all my socializing. Now talking, that’s my gift. I can talk with the best of them. Lol. When Mike asked me to write a blog for him I held my breathe and said ok (this shows how much I love him)

The past week-end I went to The Women of Faith Conference in Greensboro and was truly blessed with the messages I received about How God is always with us and that even means when we are going through difficult times. Then, low and behold, I come home to study for my Study School lesson that I was to teach the next morning and it was on the same subject. And yes, this bad teacher was studying at the last moment around 10:30 Saturday night to be exact. And thankfully he was with me at this difficult time. haha

James writes to the early believers to encourage them during these times. He gives us this in James 1:2-18.He gives us three things we must do: find Joy, find Wisdom and find Blessing.

Now, if we are all being honest, sometimes we think you got to be kidding. I am at a very low point and somewhere in here; I am suppose to find Joy. I kind of get the wisdom, but then come the find blessings and we are back to how I am going to do this. So in thinking I have decided that we find the joy in knowing that when things are at there lowest, we have a Savior that we can say anything to. We can say I am hurt, I am mad and I don’t understand why this is happening. That should give us Joy in knowing He is always there.

Now we get to the Wisdom part. Have you heard; as I always have the old saying, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. We learn from our troubles. I think we must just simply ask God to show us what we are to learn from this. Give us Wisdom to make the right choices as we go through this with Him guiding us.

Blessings, here we go again. It took me a while on this one. But thankfully I finally got it. The blessing is that HE IS ALWAYS THERE. That I have someone that loves me so much he will never leave my side. I said NEVER leave my side. He is and will always be with me know matter what. Good times, Bad times, Our God is always with us."


  1. Mike, I like your idea of having Robin share her experience with everyone.

    And, Robin, you know I smiled at your statement about talking. I don't think anyone would accuse any of us of being a quiet family. ;-) Thank you for being so supportive and loving to our Mike.

    We all have so many blessings. So many fail to see them, when all they have to do is open their eyes and their hearts. Our blessings abound.

  2. Thanks Mike & Robin! I was at the Women of Faith Conference (because of my sweet mother-in-law who got me a ticket). Once again, Robin showed what a servant she is, as she waited outside the collisium for over an hour for me and my friend to get there so she could give us our tickets. We were stuck in traffic. She never complained, even though she missed some of the conference. So, when she writes something like the above post, she isn't just "talking" the talk, she is walking the walk. And that's why so many people love her. God bless you Robin, & God bless you Mike, with wisdom, joy & blessings!

  3. Good morning Mike and Robin. First of all Mike, asking Robin to write was brilliant. She did a very good job. Talking a lot is something I know a lot about. Just ask Beverly? Smiling here.

    Robin your text is very down to earth and your conclusion is right on. It is easy to lose sight of the blessings we have and first and foremost, God is our rock to keep us grounded. Thank you for this message. I would like to be in your Sunday School class.

    Blessings to you Robin and you too Mike.

    Hugs, Jeanne