Monday, November 2, 2009

The Holy Trinity

Tonight, I am thinking a lot about the Holy Trinity and try to think through the role of each part…So you have The Father (GOD), The Son (Jesus Christ) and The Holy Spirit……I know together they make up the figure of GOD in total, but it seems to me that the reason for separating them in scripture is by the role they play in our lives. The Father the creator of all things whose wonders know no bounds, the son Jesus Christ our savior whose deeds and sacrifice allow us access to our heaven Father. That leaves the Holy Spirit ….Who to me is the teacher, the guide, the will, the energy and holy conscious.

You can’t reach the Whole unless you are in tune with all three.

I think that all my life has been focused on God and Jesus Christ, forgetting the most important part.

Jesus says nobody comes to the father except through me…..I think also that nobody comes to the son except through the Holy Spirit…they are all mutually inclusive.

We are talking about perfect harmony. When I started writing this blog last night I had no idea what I was going to talk about, but this morning after surfing the web to find reference of the Holy Spirit it would appear that I hit the nail on the head with the relationship between the trinity.

It is written that there is one GodHead who is made up of three distinct entity; The Father , the son and Holy Spirit. Again what I read on the following link; was that Holy Spirit does bring you to Jesus who in turn brings you to God.

I also read that the Holy Spirit helps you even when you pray….For instance if there is something troubling you or causing problems in your life and you just can’t put the words together to ask God for Help that the Holy Spirit will intercede and help you with what to pray about.

He also brings with him, as we receive him into our bodies, all of the memories of the scriptures and thoughts of Jesus and God we forgot.

I guess what I’m getting to, is that I am amazed by the depth of God’s plan and by the mechanism he has in place to ensure that we find our way home to him.

And I truly cannot wait until I able to go home and be with my Lord and Savior our Heavenly Father.


  1. I do think it is a deep plan, and I believe there is more to it than we can possibly fathom. That is the great thing about faith.

  2. Mike , First I would like to say just how much I am enjoying your blog. You are right the holy spirit is our teacher,prayer partner and He is our Helper. Jesus promised his disciples that the Father would send them another Helper in John 14:16 He is was sending us the Holy Spirit.And the Holy Spirit will be with us forever

  3. Great post, Mike...The Holy Spirit defines us as faith-filled people, and not people of "religion". To think that our Holy Father, God, would choose to fill us with His Spirit is truly amazing, and that He seals us for that day of complete salvation is the greatest gift of all.

    God bless,