Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis the Season

As I look around these days I see people rushing into stores doing their last minute Christmas shopping. When you actually get in the store and see the frenzy is even worse. People actually fighting over getting the latest greatest thing that their kids just have got to have. I’ve lived that way myself in the past, but I was wrong also. We as Christians have known for years that things have been getting worse each season. This season isn’t for how much you can spend or how many things you can buy for your loved ones.

We celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was a day that was prophesized and would change life on this planet forever. God Himself came to earth in the form of a human being Jesus Christ. People will argue that the three wise men brought gifts for the baby Jesus, and they did. But there gifts were in celebration of the deity coming in human form.

I think that people should reconsider going into debt or worrying about how much they buy or get for their families and friends. It’s NOT about the number or cost of the gift it’s the thought that truly counts.

I am truly thankful to know my Lord and Savior and my God, their love for me is without bounds and my gratitude to them is endless.

I’d like to extend my Love and goodwill to my family:

My beautiful wife Teresa,

My children Michael Jr., David, Trisha and Katie

My Son-in-Law’s Danny and Bobby

My Grandkids Gregory, Little Danny, Bethany, Davinia and Ace

My Mother, and my brothers Larry and Jim along with my nieces and nephews, Brandy and Katrina (Larry’s ) and her kids and James the III, Raymond and Steven (Jim’s kids) and two grandkids,

My Sister-in-Law Joyce and her husband Ken and their kids Wanda, Robin, Bobby, Krysti and their Spouses Jimmy, Donald , Angie and Ernie and their kids Alison and Ashley (Wanda’s), Brandi (Robin’s ) Jay and Josh (Bobby’s), Miranda, Chelsea and Bailey (Krysti’s)

My Aunt-in-law Faye and her family Beverly (her daughter), Ray, Philip and Matthew

Although my finances are lacking these days, my love for these people far exceeds anything I would be able to purchase for them. With all the emotion in my soul I love them all and wish them the very best….And for those of them who do not know the wonder of knowing our Lord and God, I hope that they will see the shining light of God’s Love and are surrounded by God’s happiness very soon.

God Bless All that read this Blog and I hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday season.


  1. Mike, this is beautiful - and so poignant and true.

    We love each of you, too. I hope we can see you sometime during the holidays. Of course, I love seeing you any time.

  2. You're so right, we do tend to lose track of the "reason for the Season" - thanks for the reminder. And thank you for the beautiful Christmas wish. We love you too! Merry Christmas.